Wiedoeft™ Cello Rosin

Until we developed Wiedoeft™ Cello Rosin, the cellist was forced to use rosins which were not formulated with their requirements in mind. For that matter, the violin, viola, and cello were using identical formulations of rosin.

Wiedoeft™ Cello Rosin has eliminated the need to use several types of rosins to completely satisfy the cellist’s needs, because it’s specifically formulated for the cello.

In producing our cello rosin, the most stringent product control exists, entailing Exact measurement of the finest ingredients in strict accord with the developed formula, and a minimum curing period for a predetermined time. The rosin comes in a player friendly roll-down design that maintains the rosin’s shape and quality regardless of climate conditions.

The packaging for Wiedoeft™ Cello Rosin was created with the cellist’s convenience in mind – practical in size, to easily fit any cello case or cover without becoming cumbersome. As with all Wiedoeft™ Rosins, longevity in the shelf life exists for the cello rosin. This is created by a continual wetting action which causes non-crystallization and allows for easy application to the bow and minimum powdering on strings and instruments while playing.

Wiedoeft™ Cello Rosin  – utmost quality and a must have for even the most demanding player.